Ideas for the Boston P4 Hackathon on March 1st

Ideas to work on during the day:

  • We could try to have p4c and P4Runtime use as latest a protobuf version as possible. Users may have apps on their machine which use higher version of gRPC/protobuf which messes up p4c/P4Runtime.
  • Flexsai code has issues after porting from Python 2.7 to 3. I have filed an Issue but no one has worked on the issue. See
  • Complete bmv2 PSA implementation. Before March 1st, we should document with an Issue for what is incomplete with bmv2 PSA.
  • We should document bmv2 backend code as well. 
  • By March 1st, nested struct support in p4c p4runtime generation and PI server should be complete. We could develop more tests in p4c and PI.
  • Support emit for struct in bmv2 backend. See
  • Few days before March 1st, we scan the p4c and PI Issues list and collect some that can be fixed in a day.
  • Implement different IPv6 switching types in data plane as defined in this IETF draft. Use P4Runtime to configure the data-plane to use one of many switching types.

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