Integrating SONiC with P4Runtime

We presented a poster paper at the 2019 P4 Workshop at Stanford. The abstract of the paper is included with this blog.

Stratum is integrating p4runtime with gNMI and gNOI. During the past year, Stratum attempted a few times to show how to integrate with SONiC. SONiC is already integrated with gNMI – so why does SONiC need any help from Stratum to integrate with gNMI? Additionally, Stratum adds its own local agent to the switch but SAI is already a local agent on the switch. This is why MNK proposed this poster paper to add a stateless translator at the switch to translate p4runtime to SAI. At the controller, akin to how SONiC integrated with gNMI, we use the same integration with p4runtime.

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